If you are the leader, you are responsible for the culture of your company.

Whether you love your culture or are disappointed in it, you are the key to what is possible in your organization.

Formal culture expresses your hopes. It is what it stated on your marketing materials, website and plaques in the lobby. Your informal culture is how things really work. Informal culture demonstrates the values of the leaders through their behavior.

Typically, there’s a gap between the formal culture and the informal culture. As the leader, it is your job to eliminate the gap.

Most organizations claim their people are their most valuable asset. And as the leader, you probably believe it. Do your practices and policies prove it? Do your employees believe it?

The leader sets the tone. What you expect from your managers shows what you truly believe. If you tolerate silos, it is impossible for your people to believe that the culture is fair. Do you consider some managers so important that you are willing to put up with their bad behavior?

Your managers should be demonstrating the collaboration you expect from your employees.

As the leader, you have the ability to make positive changes. Tolerating bad behavior sends a powerful message. So does making changes that will nurture a healthy culture. Consider getting help with creating a more collaborative team culture. Hiring outside experts costs money, but they are less expensive than the result of dysfunctional behaviors and practices.

Your choices demonstrate your commitment to making your company’s formal values concrete and actionable. The goal is for your formal and informal culture to be the same. 

Your employees watch your every move. You are either contributing to the solution or the problem. Take positive steps now to improve your culture. You will be rewarded with greater profits and an inspired workforce that gets results.

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