What Clients Say

Lidia Young is the best coach I have ever worked with in my professional career. Most of my coaches have focused on the “what” and the “how” but never helped me understand “why” I thought and acted the way I did. It is one thing to read a how-to book on something you are struggling to perform or accomplish and it is a whole other challenge to actually perform the “how” correctly. Lidia has repeatedly helped understand the “why” I do things and as helped me overcome many of my inner challenges that prevented me from executing the “how”. With her coaching and guidance, I have become far more self-aware and have a deeper level of understanding and confidence in who I am. Lidia has truly been instrumental in helping me develop into the leader that I have become.

Kris Boschert

Retired, VP, Fortune 100 company

Lidia has the unique ability to develop individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. As an executive coach, Lidia has helped me more fully understand my capabilities as a leader and allowed me to explore ways to improve my effectiveness with others. Her ideas and suggestions have been very insightful and have guided me to challenge myself in ways that I would not have pursued on my own. Lidia’s open and honest approach, ability to engage individuals and teams, along with her compassion and caring attitude provide her the unique ability to assist leaders and teams in reaching their full potential.

Jim Curran

VP, Fortune 100 company

Lidia is different because she tailors her approach specifically to the group or individual with whom she is working. She placed a lot of emphasis on understanding me as a leader within the organization and the organizational dynamics. Lidia zeros in on individual leadership challenges. She adds an objective view and offers alternatives that work. Lidia definitely helps to mature one’s insight and assists in developing practical action plans. She helps you discover your values and strengths and expands your awareness of the choices you can make to become more effective as a leader. She is very sensitive to organizational culture and supports people while preserving the positive aspects of the organization. Lidia provides services of excellent quality. She is skilled at drawing out issues and challenging people without diminishing them in any way. Lidia appreciates people and supports them in their growth. I would recommend Lidia to anyone who is willing to do the hard work of exploring leadership.

Laila Smith

Director, Fortune 100 company

Lidia Young has been instrumental for me through her coaching on both a personal and team basis. Lidia’s approach to executive coaching has helped me understand the nuances of how personal interactions and backgrounds can be used as levers in increasing effectiveness. Her work with teams of executives has been very successful in helping the team understand, based on each individual’s uniqueness, how to work more effectively together to generate high performance results. Lidia is very insightful, creative, caring and able to put complex business situations in the context of how an individual executive can personally influence the right outcomes.

Joe Meyer

VP, Fortune 100 company

Lidia invested time in understanding and studying the specifics of our environment, my skill set, and developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges I faced as a leader. The one on one style provided focused conversation and study of meaningful challenges, not hypothetical examples typical of seminar style courses.

The most significant take-away for me from my work with Lidia is the sensitivity I developed to the role of the leader in an organization like this, and the specific impacts that my action, words, and examples had on the group. I have developed an awareness of how my actions directly translate to observable effects on the work teams. ” (emhpasis added)

Christopher Schultz

Director, Fortune 100 company

Lidia Young of gave IPMG the ability to quickly identify the real issues that were behind the problems we were facing. Lidia’s direct style and approach was refreshing and her ability to serve as a 3rd-party facilitator to resolve conflicts and communication issues was outstanding. She has a breadth of experience that was the key to her effectiveness.

David Richter

Founder, Intellectual Property Management Group, Inc.

Working with Lidia has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. Lidia has a unique ability to allow leaders to clearly see how their actions, or inactions can impact communications and relationships with associates. Lidia has increased my level of self-awareness, which has impacted me immensely in all facets of my life. Not only working with myself, but other members of our executive team, Lidia has positively influenced the communications and awareness between members of the Executive Committee allowing for a much more productive team. I highly recommend Lidia to any organization that is interested in increasing productivity and enhancing leadership skills.

Tom Davis

President, USA 800

Lidia Young has been truly instrumental in assisting me with overcoming many major professional and personal obstacles while creating a start-up company. Among her amazing attributes: uncanny vision into motivations; helping with clarifying goals and intentions; and ability to discern behaviors patterns and underlying causes – all while creating and maintaining a strong bond of trust.

Clay Lyon

Owner of award-winning, Lyon Design, LLC

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