One great quality Millennials share is their need to make a difference. As their direct report, you can help your boss see how the initiative you are working on is making a difference to you, your team, the company and possibly the world. The more you can tie the results you are achieving to the company purpose, the more successful your boss will feel. As you help your boss succeed, they will naturally want to help you be successful as well.

Millennials have a passion to learn and improve. They yearn for frequent feedback. Honest feedback is greatly appreciated by your boss because they want to continually grow in their skills. Help them to see how their decisions influence the culture and mission of the company as well as its profitability. Feedback will enable them to do a better job at being a good leader for you.

Millennials have a need to feel valued. Help your boss see how their choices motivate and inspire you to do your best work. Offer specific comments about behaviors that you appreciate that make you glad you are working for and with them. Offer suggestions about what would make your journey on the job more meaningful. As they provide opportunities for greater meaning for you, they will naturally feel more valued and valuable as a boss.

Find out how they prefer to communicate. You may depend on leaving a voicemail for important communication but your Millennial boss may rarely check it. Discover what they feel is most effective for them and then use their preferred method even if texting or online chat is not your thing.

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