Lidia Young, LSCSW

Top executives create the company culture – whether they are conscious of it or not.  And culture drives results.

Executives with high EQ (emotional intelligence) generate greater profitability, employee engagement and talent retention. Most organizations don’t succeed or fail due to lack of technical expertise – rather it is generally a failure of culture and leadership.

Lidia helps executives and team leaders improve their EQ.

To have positive influence, leaders must be great role models – which requires high emotional intelligence. Fortunately, EQ skills can be learned and improved. Lidia has helped hundreds of leaders get better results by focusing on developing their self-awareness and people skills.

Lidia helps good leaders become their personal best

by helping them:

  • Create a Vivid Vision
  • Lead with Authenticity
  • Practice Effective Communication
  • Develop Strategies for High Employee Engagement
  • Leverage the Power of the Formal and Informal Culture
  • Make Better Decisions and Drive Action
  • Achieve Personal and Professional Satisfaction
  • Build on Successes

Lidia is a Licensed Specialist of Clinical Social Work (psychotherapist) with 20+ years executive coaching experience. As a clinically trained holistic professional, Lidia has a track record of significantly and consistently increasing individual performance as well as improving team cohesiveness and effectiveness. She is a seasoned facilitator and has worked with hundreds of high-level leaders, CEO’s, presidents, VP’s, directors and their management teams as well as Boards of Directors. She has extensive experience in root cause problem-solving, conflict resolution and management team development.

Lidia is a Daring WayCertified Facilitator (based on the research of Dr. Brene Brown). Dr. Brown’s work focuses upon authenticity, courage and wholeheartedness as an opportunity in life and work to gain life satisfaction and true success.

Dr. Brown’s Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability has been viewed over 29 Million times.
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

“My commitment to helping people is a direct result of my own unique journey. As the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, I was literally born on the way to a new country. An unusual childhood gave me a keen sensitivity to the immense importance of culture, especially the transitions and stresses that happen to all people. I live and work in the Kansas City area.”

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Turning Culture into Profits.